Sunday, 5 June 2011

Cooling Gel Features : 清涼凝膠

Cooling Gel Features : 清涼凝膠
Cool gel rapidly absorb heat and release them effectively.
Hi-polymer refreshing gels efficiently transfers body heat into the cooling pad’s inner part through superior conductivity and dissipation, enables a good heat exchange and conduction between user’s body and the gel mattress. The gel conforms to the head and increases contact surface area thus improves heat conduction and dissipation.
1) Cooling gel provides a high degree of surface flatness and softness to better conform to user’s head and improves sleeping experience.
2) No chemical instability, the gel are non-flowing, so there is no worry of the gel bleed through mattress and linen in case of accidential piercing happened.
1) 冷凝膠枕头表面平整舒適又帶有柔軟度,能順應服貼头部曲線,睡眠感覺更提升。
2) 不存在化學變化,凝狀不流動,更不用擔心劃破布套~其內容物滲入床墊。