Sunday, 11 September 2011

Soysilk Features: 大豆纤维

Soysilk Features: 大豆纤维特点
Soysilk is made from soyabeans, a completely natural and renewable resource. It is naturally anti bacterial and anti fungal because of its excellent water transmitting properties as it wicks away moisture from your skin. Soysilk feels wonderfully soft, silky and drapey, Soysilk is great to blend in yarns, art batts and to work into your nuno felting projects. Insulating enough to provide warmth and resists shrinkage and wrinkling.

大豆纤维是由大豆制成,是一种完全天然和可再生的资源。 大豆纤维具有天然、抑菌、防霉防蛀、驱螨、透气、保暖暖抗皱缩和皱纹而且手感非常柔软,对人体,尤其对婴儿很有亲和性,无静电对皮肤无任何刺激,适合任何人士的使用。